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About Diamond Elite Pitching

Diamond Elite Pitching is a boutique baseball firm based in East Cobb, Georgia.

We specialize in private pitching instruction for individual athletes, and teams, ranging from 8U through 16U. We have over 15 years of playing and coaching experience at the little league, high school and collegiate level. Our resume includes pitchers from TG D-Backs, 6-4-3, East Cobb Baseball, East Side Elite, Georgia Sandlot, Team Elite, East Side Baseball, East Marietta National Little League, NYO and Walton HS.

At Diamond Elite Pitching, our goal is to focus on the athletes development. Every private pitching session starts with our pre-bullpen routine. This includes proper stretchs, incorporating arm care tools such as j-bands and weighted balls, and long-tossing. The goal of the pre-bullpen routine is to get the athletes arm, body and mind ready to pitch. In the bullpen, we focus on pitching mechanics, both out of the stretch, and in the full wind-up. As well as, the importance of pitch grips, pitch locations, and confidence on the mound. Every bullpen session is followed up with conditioning, a summary of what the athlete learned, and key take-aways to work on off-the-field.

Alan Tabor

Owner & Pitching Coach

Diamond Elite Pitching was founded by East Cobb resident Alan Tabor. Alan has developed a passion for working with pitchers and helping them understand the importance of proper arm care, warm-ups, mechanics, conditioning and mental toughness to achieve their pitching goals.

Alan was born and raised in Miami Florida, and attended Florida State University and Florida International University where he was a student schlorship athlete, and earned his B.B.A. During his playing carrer Alan received pitching instruction from collegiate and professional coaches from the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico and the USA. Alan now has the oppurtunity to share the knowlege he has acquired over his lifetime with the athletes he trains.

Pitching Instruction Pricing

We offer private pitching lessions for both teams and individuals.

Pricing for our Private Instruction and Team Instruction is listed below. We recommend the Private Instruction Package for all new athletes, so they have a solid base to build on.

Contact us for more information.

Single Private Instruction

$75 / 1- 45 Minute Session

  • Stretch and J-Bands
  • Pre-Bullpen Throwing Routine
  • Bullpen
  • Conditioning

Private Instruction Package

$225 / 3- 45 Minute Sessions

  • Stretch and J-Bands
  • Pre-Bullpen Throwing Routine
  • Bullpen
  • Conditioning

  • Session 1 - Pitching Mechanics
  • Session 2 - Pitch Grips
  • Session 3 - Pitch Location

Team Instruction

$250 / 1.5 Hour Team Session

  • Team Stretch and J-Bands
  • Team Pre-Bullpen Throwing Routine
  • Custom Team Instruction
    Choose from Team Bullpens / Pickoffs / Pitchers Fielding Practice / Pitcher Catcher Signs / Live BP
  • Team Conditioning

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Diamond Elite Pitching operates by appointment only. Please contact us with any questions. To schedule a session, use our 'Schedule a Pitching Session' feature below. Thanks for visiting our site.


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